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Medical Equipment Maintenance and Repair

Dialysis Center Maintenance (DCM) is a biomedical equipment maintenance company. We specialize in the repair, calibration, and preventive maintenance of medical equipment, with an emphasis on dialysis machines and dialysis clinic support equipment. We service all modalities of diagnostic and therapeutic medical equipment, including anesthesia, dialysis, laboratory, and medical imaging equipment. We are a veteran-owned, minority-owned US Government contractor. We have conducted biomedical engineering and educational services throughout the United States and the Western Hemisphere. Our equipment management program is designed to maintain your equipment in a state of peak operational readiness, while minimizing the cost of medical equipment ownership.


Dialysis Center Maintenance

Medical Equipment Repair and Maintenance.

Dialysis Center Maintenance is a healthcare technology solutions company. Dialysis Center Maintenance is involved in many areas of healthcare. Our primary business model is one of providing biomedical engineering services for hemodialysis facilities.

Healthcare Providers

For healthcare providers, Dialysis Center Maintenance provides medical equipment maintenance services. Our services include medical equipment repair, calibration, preventative maintenance and electrical safety inspections. We develop custom medical equipment maintenance programs that maximize equipment readiness, while reducing the cost of equipment maintenance. We are certified to maintain all modalities of biomedical, medical imaging, and scientific laboratory equipment. Our equipment maintenance management program provides all documentation required to ensure compliance with the Environment of Care standards of the Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, the College of American Pathologists, The Occupational Safety and Health Association, the American Hospital Association, the Food and Drug Administration – Safe Medical Devices Act, the National Fire Protection Association publications NFPA99 and NFPA104, as well as state governmental regulations.

Medical Equipment Manufacturers

For medical equipment manufacturers, Dialysis Center Maintenance offers an outsourced field service solution. The Dialysis Center Maintenance Service Network is a conglomerate of Independent Service Organizations that work as a cohesive unit, providing field service operations for medical device manufacturers. Dialysis Center Maintenance Network representatives perform medical equipment installation, repair, calibration, preventative maintenance and electrical safety inspections. We also provide in-service education and applications assistance for your end users. Our services have proven indispensable for emerging medical equipment manufacturers, and manufacturers located outside of the United States. In addition, we provide valuable feedback for manufacturers undergoing the Food and Drug Administration 510(k) evaluation process.

Regulatory Compliance

We provide you with the documentation necessary to maintain compliance with the Joint Commission, NFPA99, and all other regulatory agencies.

Service and Replacement

We can service your medical equipment currently in-use, or provide field service for medical device manufacturers.

In-Service Education

We offer in-service education to your staff on the prinicpal and safety function of medical and medical imaging equipment.

Online Service Reporting

We provide online service reports, including images and video whenever applicable.

24-Hour Tech Support

Our support representatives are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you may have.


We can help you design and implement a comprehensive medical equipment maintenance program in your healthcare facility.
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Dialysis Center Maintenance client

"We like using Dialysis Center Maintenance because they are the only company we have found that can manage the repair, calibration and preventive maintenance of our dialysis machines as well as the other biomedical equipment used in our dialysis center. We only have to call one company to handle all of our equipment and facility maintenance needs. Thanks, DCM!"

- Doris Riviera R.N. Facility Administrator

Dialysis Center Maintenance client

"We trust Dialysis Center Maintenance with all of our healthcare technology management. Dialysis Center Maintenance keeps our dialysis machines, patient monitors, defibrillators, and other medical equipment running. DCM also maintains our reverse osmosis water purification system."

- Carolyn Kennedy M.D.

Dialysis Center Maintenance client

"The best thing about Dialysis Center Maintenance is that they service more than just dialysis machines. DCM is there to handle every modality of diagnostic and therapeutic biomedical equipment used in our facility. They also provide services such as water quality testing, which is essential of the maintenance of our recirculation system."

- Benjamin Coleman R.N.

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